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A house becomes a home when it feels like your sanctuary. Using considered design, I’m passionate about creating spaces for my clients which not only look better, but make them live better, and most importantly, feel better.

Creating exceptional spaces is about getting the small details right and being uncompromising on both form and function. When I work with people who are open to new ideas, amazing things can take shape.

People say you are what you wear. But to me, your clothes are how you want to be perceived; it’s your home — your most personal and intimate space — which is the true reflection of who you actually are. Your home says so much about where you've travelled and how you like to live.

I approach every project with that in mind and the full knowledge that we’re creating a space which needs to reflect your personality.

Contemporary design has always been an inspiration to me and, since establishing my design consultancy in 2001, I have taken great joy in creating inspirational spaces.

My own style philosophy could be best described as "modern eclectic" and I love the sensibilities of mid century design.

Beautiful, luxurious, and functional design as well as a contemporary use of colour can add so much to your home, but more importantly, it changes the way you value that space on a daily basis.

Each project inspires me to create a space that translates the client's individual needs into a modern sophisticated place. From collaborating with the architect and or client, sourcing furniture whether bespoke, designer or anything in between, to specifying fixtures and finishes, I am inspired to create a home that is a pure pleasure to live in.

I love the creative process and finding beautiful things, and when I walk into a completed project it never ceases to inspire me.